A Family of Brands

1 Deluxe Bug Zapper with 30 days Mosquito Lure


Our 15-Watt deluxe bug zapper has a slim design, covers a ½ acre and packs a 1500 Volt punch to kill bugs on contact. The blacklight core attracts flying insects to the center of the device where they get zapped, no longer pestering you. Accessorized with PIC Mosquito Octenol Lure enhances device effectiveness for 30 days, targeting and drawing in mosquitoes and biting flies. Weatherproof design withstands wind and rain. Hang or place on a table.

It's a Party Every Night®

Patented flame effect bug zappers provide the efficacy of a bug zapper and the ambiance of an oil burning torch. No open flames, no hassle and no noise. Check out the rest of our line!
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