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We Create Insect and Rodent Solutions for All.

For over 70 years, PIC has specialized in eliminating pests to give families back control of their homes. Through advanced technology and innovation, PIC has become a leader in pest control solutions for mosquitoes, flying insects, roaches, ants, rodents, and more. No matter your space, problem, or budget, PIC has an abundance of solutions to help.

It's a Party Every Night

The PIC® Insect Killer Torch

Described as “Best of the Best” and “Genius”, our patented Solar Insect Killer Torches provide the efficacy of a bug zapper and the beauty of an oil burning torch. No open flames, hassle or noise.

Check out the rest of our line of flame effect zappers and traps!

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Worldwide, Coast to Coast

Our retail pest solutions can be found Worldwide, from coast to Coast in Mass, Grocery, Hardware, Ag, and e-commerce retailers.

Worldwide, Coast to Coast

PIC Corporation is 3rd generation, family owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of pest control solutions, founded in 1953. Our retail pest solutions can be found Worldwide in Mass, Grocery, Hardware, Agriculture and ecommerce retailers. Currently our HQ is in New Jersey (PIC East), with a second location in Vernon, California (PIC West).

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