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PIC® 2 Pack Simple Set Mouse Trap

Simple to Set – Quick to Kill

PIC® Simple Set Mouse Trap contains 2 reusable plastic traps that are so easy to use – just a press, and it sets. Keeps fingers safe, re-opens easily for disposal and is extremely effective. The deep bait well allows you to fill it with peanut butter, chocolate, or any other sweet attractant.

Product Features:

  • Simple to Set
  • Reusable

PIC® Discreet and Reusable Mouse Trap Set

Simple to Set, Quick to Kill, Hide the Kill

PIC® Discreet and Reusable Mouse Trap Set contains 1 housing unit and 1 PIC® Simple Set Mouse Trap. The housing unit is a dual entry, no-see design with a catch indicator at the top to let you know that you have successfully caught a mouse. The trap itself sets just by pressing the red tipped pedal into locked, ready to catch position making is simple to set over and over again. Housing lock makes this a safer solution for children and pets.

Product Features:

  • No touch, no see
  • Discreet
  • Reusable
  • Housing locks to prevent tampering by small children or pets
  • Dual Entry

PIC® Wood Mouse and Rat Traps

PIC® Mouse and rat traps are traditional approaches to wood traps. Just place the bait of your choosing onto the bait holder, carefully set the trap against the wall where rodents commonly run in the area you know you have an infestation and wait for your catch.

Product Features:

  • Kills Fast
  • Disposable

PIC® Humane Catch & Release Mouse Traps

2 Catch and release traps inside! An effective alternative if traditional traps are not a preferred method of rodent control.

Product Features:

  • Reusable
  • No Snaps
  • No Hurt Fingers
  • 2 Entryways

PIC® Mouse and Rat Glue Traps

PIC® Mouse and rat glue traps are traditional approaches to catching rodents. Carefully place the glue board or glue trays against the wall where rodents commonly run in the area you know you have an infestation and wait for your catch.

Product Features:

  • No springs, no snaps – no hurt fingers!
  • Ready to use/no bait needed
  • No poisons
  • Disposable – Discard mouse or rat with glue board
  • For apartments, homes, factories, mobile homes, boats, etc

PIC® Natural Mint Mouse Repellent

Chases Mice Away!
2 Pack = 60 Days of Effectiveness

PIC® Natural Mint Mouse Repellent uses a natural formula with a fresh mint fragrance that is proven to repel mice. PIC® Natural Mint Mouse Repellent is effective for up to 30 days each. Use one packet in each enclosed space accessible to mice including drawers, cabinets, closets, pantries, under sinks, attics, points of entry –even vehicles.

Product Features:

  • Repels mice with fresh & natural mint scent
  • Replace each packet after 30 days

PIC® Rodent Repeller

The Light Bulb that Repels Rodents

Product Features:

  • Sonic Signal Reaches up to 400 sq. ft.
  • Silent to Humans and Non-Rodent Pets
  • Replaces Standard Light Bulbs
  • Damp-Rated
  • Use Anywhere Indoors: Crawl spaces, attics, garages, pantries, kitchens, closets and basements
  • Fits Standard Medium Base (E26) Sockets
  • Repels with or without LED
  • Discreet Red Indicator light (seen in the dark) shows you it is repelling

PIC® Sonic Rodent Repeller

Silent to Use Around Humans & Non-Rodent Pets

Product Features:

  • Safe to Use Around Humans and Non-Rodent Pets
  • Operates on Less Than 1 Cent Per Day
  • No Poisons – No Traps
  • No Cleanup
  • Can be used in homes, apartments, food service outlets, businesses, farm buildings, kennels and stables
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