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The PIC Flying Insect Trap Vacuum Trap with LED Flame Effect is the newest innovation from PIC Corporation. With its gorgeous unique flameless chiminea design and its 120 VAC of power, this powerful flying insect trap discreetly traps and kills flying insects. Assembles in moments, plug in to enjoy a bug free outdoors. This weatherproof flying insect trap can withstand wind and rain while protecting a 1.5 acre area. With a flickering flame LED, this insect trap looks like an open flame without the hazard of one. This decorative flying insect trap even doubles as outdoor decor statement piece! Add PIC Octenol Mosquito Lure attractant to improve device effectiveness.

  • Attracts and Traps Flying insects
  • UV LED Flickering Flame Effect
  • Beautiful Design –  Fits in Perfectly With Outdoor Decor
  • UV LED Light Draws In Insects While the Quiet Vacuum Fan Pulls Them Into The Trap
  • Flameless LED Activated by Dusk-til-Dawn Sensor
  • Durable, Weatherproof Construction For Year Round Use
  • 1.5 Acre Coverage
  • No Open Flames, Replaces Burning Torches

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Patented flame effect bug zappers provide the efficacy of a bug zapper and the ambiance of an oil burning torch. No open flames, no hassle and no noise. Check out the rest of our line!
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