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Raid Reusable Yellow Jacket, Wasp and Hornet Trap

The new Raid Reusable Yellow Jacket, Wasp and Hornet Trap is a heavy-duty trap uniquely designed to keep stinging insects like yellow jackets, wasps and hornets from escaping. The trap’s tested and proven food based lure attracts these flying insects while the specially designed “One Way Entry” funnel keeps them from becoming a nuisance. Simply unscrew the top, add the lure and water to the trap. Then hang on a string or hook. . Then hang on a nail or hook and watch the food based lure dissolve. The sanitary and easy to use trap is affordable, reusable and intended for outdoor use only.

  • Just Add Lure, Water and Hang
  • Tested and Proven Water-Soluble Food-Based Lure Attracts Yellow Jackets, Wasps and Hornets
  • Custom Designed Entry Funnel Creates a One-Way Entry into Trap
  • Sanitary, Easy-to-Use
  • Empty, Rinse and Reuse

Raid is a registered trademark of S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. used under license.

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