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PIC Solar Portable Insect Killer Lantern

Patented and and other Patents Pending in the US and Abroad. The PIC Solar Portable Insect Killer Lantern offers an effective portable solution for attracting and killing flying insects while enjoying the outdoors. The lantern is weatherproof and uses the power of the sun to zap flying insects with 600 volts. Its rugged, contemporary design is ideal for the active traveler, camper, hiker and outdoor enthusiast. The PIC® Solar Portable Insect Killer Lantern has two lighting modes: standard daylight LED for lighting your path and our patented flickering flame LED that provides ambient lighting for your campsite or deck. Use the power button to toggle the lighting mode you prefer. To charge the solar battery, the device must sit in direct sunlight for up to 6 hours. Black in color with a rubber weatherproof coating.

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Patented flame effect bug zappers provide the efficacy of a bug zapper and the ambiance of an oil burning torch. No open flames, no hassle and no noise. Check out the rest of our line!
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