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PIC Insect Killer Compact LED 2 Pack

Ever see insects swarming your lights at night? Here’s a solution for pesky flying insects times two! Introducing the PIC Dual Purpose Bug Zapper and LED Light Bulb – a 2 Pack compact and innovative solution to pesky flying insects. This dual-purpose bulb not only acts as a discreet bug zapper, but it also replaces standard light bulbs. It fits most standard medium base (E26) sockets and is easy to use. With a no-touch catch tray, you can easily discard dead insects. The UV light attracts insects while the electric zapping grid kills them on contact. You can use this zapper in three modes – all off, zapper/UV and LED, or zapper/UV only. From sunrooms to garages, kitchens to living rooms, this flying insect zapper is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Product Features:

  • Kills Mosquitoes and Flying Insects
  • Kills Bugs On Contact
    Dual Purpose Bug Zapper and LED Light
  • Replaces Most Standard Bulbs
    Fits Most Standard Based (E26) Sockets​
    Use With or Without LED
  • Easy to clean: Convenient No Touch Catch tray To Discard Of Any Dead Insects
    Energy Efficient; Estimated Yearly Energy Cost is $0.36 base on 3Hr/Day Per Day Usage
  • Lasts 9 Years Based On 3Hr/Day Per Day

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