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Bye-Bye Bugs! This Solar Bug Zapper with LED Flame Really Works (PPP Tested!)


Looking to get rid of annoying bugs this summer? Check out this GENIUS Bug Zapper with LED Flame Effect (No Oils or Batteries Needed!)!

Looking to reduce the amount of bugs in your outdoor space this summer? This PIC Solar Bug Zapper and Flame Accent Light may be just what you need…it’s the first of its kind!

Basically, it helps eliminate bugs without all the yucky chemical odors, smoke, or creepy zapping sounds. Plus, there’s NO oil, so you don’t have to worry about open flames or oil around kids and pets!

How Does it work??

This SUPER quiet bug zapper attracts flying insects from up to a half acre distance with UV LEDs and flickering flames, and kills them on contact with its 600V zapping grid. But don’t worry – you won’t hear the zapping! 😉

And, because there are no oils used or flames burned, it’s energy efficient – making it a greener option!

Plus, it can be converted into four different heights so you can use it as a standard torch, garden torch, path light, or even on your tabletop! Just add or remove the included poles and connectors to adjust the unit.

And NO batteries are needed! Just set it out in the sun and let it charge up ~ it will last up to six hours on a full charge. It also turns on by itself – just press the button and it will automatically turn on after dark.

To clean the unit, slide the catch tray from the unit and discard insect debris. For debris that remains on the torch or electrical grid, you can spray compressed air or use a hair dryer on cool setting to loosen the bugs. Also, although the unit is waterproof, never spray water or cleaners on the product.

Need this? Here’s where you can snag them!

Amazon (2-pack)

Walmart (2-pack)

Walmart (1-pack)

The Home Depot (1-pack)


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