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Please send us an email to info@pic-corp.com with your location and the item you are looking for. We will reply with retailer options.

Use vegetable oil (or similar) and let it sit for a few minutes. Begin to rub the glue off your skin and wash with soap and water.

Please download the Treatment/Protocol for PIC Products and Private Label Products PDF for other glue and adhesive removal from humans and pets.

This is usually due to putting too much bait on the trap, making the sensitive trap too heavy. We advise you to give them a tiny appetizer, not a meal!

Rubbing the tube in your hands for a few minutes warms the glue, making it easier to open. Always pull carefully.

While the PIC® Insect Killer Bulb fits in most standard fixtures, it does not work in all fixtures. First, ensure you are using the bulb in the proper fixture. The bulb will not function properly in a fixture that is dimmable, lights on a timer, is light/photo sensitive or in some 3-way lamps. Next, try another light fixture to test the bulb following the directions in your Owner’s Manual.

Once the ant bait stations are separated from each other, they are ready to use. Place them where you see the most ant activity with the label side down.

Punch open the 4 holes with a screw driver or pen and place them Homeplus™ logo side up.

Maximum effectiveness for each ant trap is approximately 30 days.

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