Raid® Window Fly Traps

Product Features:
Raid® Window Fly Traps will attract, trap and hold flies, gnats, wasps, moths and many other flying insects. Ideal product for any room where you want to control flying insects without using an insecticide. Raid® Window Fly Traps are odorless and transparent (almost invisible). They do not mark windows and they are easy to use. Flying insects are attracted to windows by light and heat. Insects are soon attracted, trapped and held by the Raid® Window Fly Trap! Use on any window, in any room, to control flying insects.

  • Traps Flies, Gnats, Moths and Other Flying Insects
  • Transparent on Windows
  • Contains no Insecticides
  • Pre-baited glue

Raid® is a registered trademark of S.C. Johnson Inc., used under license.


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