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We are delighted to announce that effective November 1st, PIC® Corporation has entered into an Exclusive License and Distribution Agreement with Zapplight®.  PIC® and Zapplight® are looking forward to combine the most effective and innovative designs of Max Azria, Founder of BCBG Brands and CEO of Zapplight with PIC’s established experience in the pest control industry.

In addition to distributing the Zapplight® LED light bulb, PIC® will be applying its expertise in the pest control industry to add new products to the Zapplight® brand.

“PIC® has over 60 years of experience in helping families solve their pest problems both inside and outside their homes,” states PIC®s CEO Eric Rubel. “and we believe this insect-killing bulb is a very easy inconspicuous way for people who want to keep their living environment pest free and insecticide free.”

“Zapplight®‘s CEO Max Azria adds, “We are thrilled to work with PIC®, as it is our shared mission to constantly innovate and provide targeted safe pest solutions at costs everyone can afford.”

PIC® and Zapplight® are dedicated to enhancing their customer’s lives by providing them with a healthier more enjoyable Pest Free Living® experience.

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