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Our hornet products are designed without the use of pesticides or sprays . The Raid® Yellow Jacket, Wasp and Hornet trap is intended to lure and trap hornets before they establish their nests in and around your home. These traps utilize a design that once lured into the trap; the hornets cannot get out. This method aids in controlling the population and possibly reducing the risk of adult hornets seeking out their next sugary meal near you. The purpose of these traps is to hang or place traps away from where you anticipate pet or human activity. By placing the traps away from these areas and near flowers, trees and other plants, hornets will be attracted away from you.  These traps are effective against both bald-faced and european hornet species.

Caring for Hornet Stings | Treatment

Hornet stings can occur when nests are disturbed or your presence irritates them.  They can also swarm if the entire colony feels threaten. Stings from hornets can be common. Unlike bees, hornets have the ability to sting you multiple times without losing their stinger. The pain associated with hornet stings is due in part by the venom they inject into your skin with their sting. Common hornet sting symptoms include pain in the sting area, swelling and redness that extends out of the sting site, itching, heat at the site of sting, and potentially hives if your body has a reaction to the sting. For more information about treatment options, please consult your local physician or healthcare facility.

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Disposable Yellow Jacket, Wasp and Hornet Trap

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